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Thanks to everyone who entered our contest.

To find out if you’ve penned the winning entry or if you just can’t wait to see the best Tofu Haiku that have probably ever been written, don’t forget to subscribe for tofuhaiku.com updates by entering your email address on the right hand side of this webpage, under the Tofu Haiku logo.

In case you’re wondering how this works, our panel of literary-vegetarian expert judges will review the top entries and select their faves which will be posted on tofuhaiku.com sometime in June.

The contest has been featured on tofu-friendly cooking blogs, poetry websites like poets.ca, vegetarian podcasts (such as the excellent Toronto Vegetarian Podcast), and other sites like StumbleUpon and About.com.

In addition to all of our fantastic online coverage, tofuhaiku.com has had thousands of hits and we received over 300 contest entries.  Thanks to everyone for making Tofu Haiku a success!

Stay tuned for the best Tofu Haiku.

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Tofu Haiku Team

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